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The future of women’s rights in Kurdistan

On Wednesday, April 19th, a roundtable discussion was held on the future of women’s rights in Kurdistan. Hosted by Alex Sobel, the event explored the challenges facing the region, and what life is like for women living there.

The event featured a lineup of distinguished guests, including Margaret Owen, a veteran human rights lawyer with a focus on women and children in conflict zones, and founder and president of Widows for Peace through Democracy, and Patron of Peace in Kurdistan. Also speaking were Zey Binboga, co-founder at Kurdish House London, Payzee Malika, a vocal activist and campaigner, and Alex Sobel MP, the Shadow Minister for Nature. The discussion was chaired by Kate Osborne MP.

Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights from experts and those with lived experiences on the significant issues currently facing the region. The roundtable delved into the future of women’s rights in Kurdistan, the challenges faced, and what life is like in the region. It provided an opportunity to learn about the current state of women’s rights in Kurdistan, as well as the progress made towards achieving gender equality.

The event was a great opportunity to contribute to an essential discussion on this critical issue that is of great concern to us all. In addition to the roundtable discussion, there were opportunities to network with other attendees and engage in further conversations on this important topic.

Photos of the event can be seen here:


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