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Newroz, Cardiff/Caerdydd

In February and March, we joined with communities from across the UK as we celebrated the Kurdish New Year. Marking Newroz in Edinburgh, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Cardiff, we celebrated the most important event in the Kurdish calendar in style.

Hearing from Members of the Senedd, both Darren Millar MS and Jack Sargeant MS spoke passionately about the importance of Newroz and the contributions of the Kurdish Welsh community. The first Newroz event to be held in the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd saw dancing, laughter and lots of Kurdish food!

We took the opportunity to mark the recent Turkey/Syria earthquake, coming together with the Welsh Kurdish community to share our solidarity with the victims in the wake of the devastating event.

We look forward to hosting Newroz in the Senedd once more, coming back in March 2024 to celebrate the Kurdish New Year and join in with the celebration.

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