Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Centre for Kurdish Progress is the voice of the British-Kurdish community and the first platform for those seeking to understand the Kurdish community’s interests and concerns.

We are an independent and non-partisan organisation. We provide a platform for discussing issues affecting the British-Kurdish community in the United Kingdom, and Kurdish-speakers across the Middle East.

Over the past six years, we have held hundreds of events in the House of Commons, promoting British-Kurdish relations, and highlighting the socio-political dynamics facing the Kurdish people across the Middle East.

The Centre for Kurdish Progress seeks to enhance the British-Kurdish community’s engagement with politics and social action through justice campaigns, forums, and political representation.

We are currently working on multiple projects, focused on improving British-Kurdish integration and increasing political representation. In addition to this, we actively promote democracy, rule of law and diplomatic ties between the United Kingdom and the Kurdistan Region. 

The centre for Kurdish Progress was founded in 2014 by Ibrahim Dogus, a British-Kurdish politician and entrepreneur.