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Kurdish lobbying and social media campaigns

The recent Turkish incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan Region has prompted several Hashtag campaigns, aimed at both raising awareness on the Kurdish cause and lobbying lawmakers into condemning Turkey’s aggressive behaviour in Iraq. 

We will be discussing the effectiveness and impact of social media campaigns on the Turkish government’s policies towards Kurdistan Region, and Kurds within Turkey. 

Social media is a powerful tool of political communication and has played an instrumental role in various movements, such as the #MeToo campaign, and other campaigns. We will be exploring whether networking platforms can be utilised to further the Kurdish cause and whether they are an effective mechanism in enacting change. 

We have brought together a diverse panel, unifying the voices of American-Kurds, European-Kurds and the Kurdistan Region Kurds — fostering a platform for a diverse discussion on the trajectory of Kurdish lobbying in Western democracies, and the realities facing activists in the Middle East. 


Nuha Bahadeen, an influencer and content-creator from Sulaimani city has been vocal about the global silence in the face of climbing violations of Kurdish rights. She has become a prominent voice online, expressing her concern over the loss of civilian lives in Kurdistan Region

Nuveen Barwari is a Kurdish American multidisciplinary artist. Barwari’s art focuses on sparking social commentary about migration, the struggles of refugee resettlement, transnational negotiations of self, and the Kurdish cause.

Dilan Sirwan Hussein is a student at the American University of Iraq, majoring in Political studies. He is the current Editor-in-chief of the AUIS voice, an independent student-based newspaper in Iraq. As a young activist in the region, he has been utilizing the amplifying impact of social media platforms to highlight the Kurdish struggle. 

Naren Briar is a Kurdish American student studying her bachelors at Boston College. She works as a human rights activist and campaigns for religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East.

Renwar Najm is an English Language and Literature graduate from the University of Human Development (UHD). He has been working in Kurdish media for over ten years. As a journalist and editor, he has worked for several renowned Kurdish media outlets including Awene Weekly Newspaper and Xendan website.

Fresha Raper is a senior education consultant based in the United Kingdom. She has masters in education policy from Kings College London University. For the past 30+ years she has been teaching in the United Kingdom, and has successfully established four international schools in the Kurdistan Region. Freshta has over thirty years of experience in teaching, and has held senior leadership posts in the U.K.  


July 7th, 2020 at 7pm – 9pm 


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