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Koestan Gadan

An European Unfinished Business With Fighting Against Iran’s Terrorism: the consequences of not dealing properly with Mykonos terror case

Koestan Gadan is a central committee member of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) and the head of executive committee abroad. She was born in Mahabd in Iran in 1972 and at the age 7 her family, who has had a central and key role in KDPI, was forced to flee from IRAN by the Iranian regime. The political history and status of family has greatly influenced her, and she has been an active member of KDPI since 1990. At the beginning, she has been active member of the Kurdistan Democratic parti youth and women organizations. At age 18 she has been officially registered as a party member and has been an active member since then. During her years as a party member Koestan had been given different responsibility. She has served for 8 years as a central committee member and has been involved in diverse high level of assignment. Her current responsibility at executive committee is to coordinate, manage and make decision at high political level. Moreover, she has additional responsibility as parti representative in EU at EEAS.

She has been living in Oslo since 1992, and besides her political activity, she has a obtained a master’s degree in biological science and a PHD degree in Immunology/ virology. She is currently employed as a researcher at University of Life Sciences in Norway.


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