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Rebuilding faith: The way forward for Erbil-Baghdad relations

The Centre for Kurdish Progress was delighted to host a fantastic meeting on Rebuilding Faith: The Way Forward for Erbil Baghdad Relations.

Some of the key points that were brought up include:

  • Is the Iraqi system fundamentally geared towards inaction, and does it therefore create ‘entry points’ for foreign entities?
  • Regardless of whether or not Erbil and Baghdad continue to share power, will more people continue to feel they have a system that is working for them?
  • What are the primary obstacles in Erbil and Baghdad working as partners, if any
  • What is the path forward towards rebuilding trust between Erbil and Baghdad?

This meeting can be watched here

Photographs from the meeting can be seen here

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Rebuilding faith: The way forward for Erbil-Baghdad relations.

Dr Bamo Nouri: Lecturer in International Relations at the University of West London & Independent Investigative Journalist

Dr Renad Mansour: senior research fellow and project director of the Iraq Initiative at Chatham House

Renwar Najm is a journalist from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He studied for a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Kent in the UK and the University of Marburg in Germany

Shayan Talabany is an Analyst at the Tony Blair Institute (TBI) where she focuses on the international relations and politics of the Middle East, more specifically on Iraq and the Gulf. Prior to joining TBI, Shayan worked as a parliamentary researcher for a Conservative MP and as Head of Programmes for the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC). Shayan lived in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for almost a decade.

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