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Newroz, London

In February and March, we hosted a series of Newroz events across the UK, where we came together with the Kurdish communities to celebrate and mark the most important event in the Kurdish calendar. Focused on the UK’s major cities, we joined together with leaders in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and London to mark Newroz.

Joined by community leaders, senior politicians and prominent activists and officials championing the rights of Kurdish people, we were joined in Parliament by Steve Reed MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP and Bob Seely MP, all giving passionate speeches about the importance of Newroz and the Kurdish community here in London and across the UK.

We also heard from Ahmed Mohammed, the Syrian Democratic Council’s co-representative to the UK, and Agit Karatas, representative of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Assembly of Britain. Helping us sponsor the event, the Kurdish People’s Democratic Assembly of Britain have been a constant supporter of the work we achieve for Kurdish Progress.

The evening saw lots of food, laughter and of course dancing, with music from the brilliant Suna Alan and Peyman Heydarian.

We look forward to welcoming you all back for another brilliant Newroz reception in Parliament next year.

Newroz pîroz be!

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