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The Growing Challenges of Unemployment in Kurdistan: Perspectives and Futures

With Kurds across Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey facing unemployment, their issues are repeatedly being underplayed and disregarded by governments across the region.

It is essential that the issues of unemployment and it’s growing challenges are understood and amplified, affecting every aspect of life across the region. This includes the growing need for physical and practical infrastructure, including resources to accommodate the move to modernisation and better schools.

This discussion will focus on what the situation looks like both on the ground and its impact on the communities across the world, as well as looking to the future on what more can be done to protect future generations.

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Our speakers include

Bako Ahmed:

Based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, Ahmed was born in Selmani. A business owner, he has vast experience across different sectors, including as a political commentator.

Active in Kurdish politics, he was a vocal activist of the pro-Kurdish political Party, HPD. Hosting and engaging with key political actors across Kurdistan, Ahmed has regularly held sit-down discussions with key local political figures across Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

A prominent figure amongst British Kurds, Ahmed campaigned successfully to have Kurdish created as a GCSE. Raising awareness of the issues facing British Kurds, Ahmed is active in demonstrations and holding events with the Kurdish Clerisy Organisation.

Aland Bekas:

Born in Sweden in 2003, Bekas grew up in the UK. The first in his family to go to University in the Britain; his family are originally from Slemani in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

He is the great-grandson of Mahmood Effendi, who was the first person to document Iraq, through film and photography.

His family have been instrumental across Kurdistan, fighting for social and political causes that directly affect Kurdish people. Active in revolutionary fights and within the Peshmerga, Ahmed is committed to continuing in his family’s footsteps of fighting for Kurdistan.

Active politically in the UK, Bekas has been a vocal activist on Kurdish issues, focusing on his own life experience and that of others: drawing attention to what young Kurdish people want, both domestically across the region and within the diaspora.

Dr Bamo Nouri:

A leading expert in his field, Dr Bamo Nouri is a scholar and an independent investigative journalist. Leading on American foreign policy and the international and domestic politics of the Middle East, Nouri is currently a Lecturer in International Relations at the University of West London and an Honorary Research Fellow at City, University of London.

His work includes research into the effects corporations and elitism had on Iraq, and it’s domestic and political landscape – arguing that studying the social sources of US power plays an important part in understanding the nature of their decisions in US foreign policy. 

By exploring the decisions taken by American elites in the Iraq War, Nouri argues that the decisions and agendas US elites pursued in Iraq were driven by corporate elite interests. Nouri specifically examines the nature of US power, what drives it, what it looks like and its legacies.

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