Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Workshop: Political communication, advocacy and campaigning

New technologies will determine the future of political communication in the United Kingdom and throughout the world 

In the Middle East, social media platforms are increasingly used by both activists and politicians alike for deliver politicised messages. We will be looking at several case studies to better understand how and when campaigns succeed, and the role of social media.

Political advocacy requires organisation, mobilization and structure. We will be providing regular workshops to help students and young activists capitalize on the tools available to improve their advocacy, campaigning and digital media presence.

There are limited spaces available for this workshop. Please get in touch with us to register your interest, and you will receive further information on how to attend.

Recommended reading prior to the workshop:

This workshop will be delivered by Miran Hassan, a UK parliamentary staffer, and Ruwayda Mustafah on Zoom.


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