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Kurdish Progress is about providing an open forum for debating political, economic and social developments of Kurdish people in the UK and the wider Kurdistan region.

Kurdish communities with around 250,000 of the UK population and around 40 million in the world are increasingly becoming a part of the global mainstream society. Kurdish Progress is about improving the foundation of Kurdish people within the British society, as well as establishing a solid ground of debate to better tangle issues of all four parts of Kurdistan and their significance to UK and world politics. Improving the position of Kurdish people in the UK and also offering a neutral forum for the Kurdish issue is the main aspire for this new organisation.


Kurdish Progress is an independent and non-partisan organisation inaugurated June 2014

This new organisation provides expert opinions and debates, focusing on the issue of Kurdistan and Kurdish people in the UK as well as internationally.

As a policy forum Kurdish Progress organises: speaker series, panel discussions and social events, in order to progress the position of Kurdish people in the UK and to offer a space for debating Kurdistan’s position in the world. The collaboration with the British Parliament, local and international think tanks and academic institutions frames our core principle of action.

Our mission is very simple: We want to establish greater significance to the Kurdish question internationally, make society aware of the situation in the region and Diaspora, which has become a historical and intriguing debate. We want future Kurdish generations, to grow up in a society, where they do not neglect their heritage; learn the Kurdish language, and admit once and for all.


  • Improve position of Kurdish People in the UK
  • Introduce the Kurdish Question to general society
  • Make the debate appeal to the ‘everyday’ person
  • Provide a space for debate and maybe find solutions
  • Discuss and develop the debate on inner divisions of Kurdistan
  • To host forums and panel discussions dealing with topics related to the analysis of the Kurdish question and the wider Kurdistan region (Bakur/North, Bashur/South, Rojhelat/East, Rojava/West).
  • To act as a non-party political and non- governmental institution with the aim of providing expert opinion, advice, debate and discussion on Kurdistan, Kurdish People and the Kurdish Question

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